Best Food Delivery apps in Riyadh

If you don’t enjoy cooking, or you don’t have the time for it! There are many food delivery apps in Riyadh that can be a lifesaver.

Let’s find out more about the top food delivery apps, which can bring you many delicious cuisines from your favorite restaurants right to your doorstep in Riyadh.


Starting off with Jahez, one of the best apps for ordering food in Riyadh if not the best, they have been keeping a solid reputation in food delivery for a long period.

You can find Jahez at:



Hungerstation is considered the most famous and the biggest food delivery app in Saudi market based on user’s feedback.

You can find Hungerstation at:



Mrsool is a delivery app which can deliver anything from any place you want, but it also has a section which only focus on delivering from many restaurants.

You can find Mrsool at:



On ToYou you can get many stuff including food from restaurants such as Flowers, Gifts and Pharmacies.

You can find ToYou at:


The Chefz

The Chefz is another option to get a fine meal, it also has Cafes, Bakeries, Dessert shops and Pharmacies.

You can find The Chefz at:



Wssel has a vary range of restaurants in Riyadh, it also offers other things Beside restaurants, such as Cafes and Pharmacies.

You can find Wssel at:


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